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Welcome to Melwood Pictures

Melwood Pictures is an independent film production company founded by veteran animation executive Max Howard to create animated and live action motion pictures and television works for audiences around the world. The team at Melwood Pictures collectively have over 50 years experience in creating some of the world's most loved motion pictures.

At Melwood we believe this is an exciting time for Independent Animated Feature Film production, with more and more independent animated feature films impacting audiences and generating revenue at the box office than ever before. With production costs continually rising in major studios, and technology becoming available across the world there is room in the marketplace for lower budget, high quality animated feature films. Melwood Pictures now has a series of projects that will provide entertainment that resonates with audiences around the world, at a fraction of the costs of competing studios.  Our experienced team has worked on some of the most timeless animated feature films of the last 25 years, including Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Pocahontas, Space Jam, and Iron Giant.




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